• A new Asset Tree is available within the Equipment module.
    • Provides a comprehensive asset tree view of all assets, including facilities, equipment, and parts.
    • Is easy to build and populate using drag-and-drop functionality or specialized windows.
  • A new Associations tab is available within the Equipment module providing a way to easily identify and swap comparable equipment.
  • Improved reports are available for inventory management and purchasing incuding Purchase Order Form and Transaction History.
  • Improved Deployment History report is available allowing users to easily track costs and deployment history or re-deployable assets.
  • Equipment Status Options have been expanded to include: deployed, idle, on hand, out for repair, and retired.
  • The Service Request module now supports Internet Explorer 9.


  • Reports have been improved and enhanced.
  • Operations involving users who do not possess all privileges have been improved.
  • Performance of Demand Maintenance (DM) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) work order modules has been improved.
  • Cost Center management has been improved.
  • Automatic queries refresh on empty data sets.
  • Purchasing module performance has been improved.
  • Query fields and quick list columns automatically match within the Inventory module.
  • Change Start Dates automatically enable within the Employee module.
  • Work order security features have been improved.