Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are rugged, industrial computers used to control equipment in manufacturing and other automated, industrial environments. PLCs replace the wiring between devices found in traditional industrial control systems. Instead, equipment is wired directly to the PLC where a computer program controls the behavior of each connected device.

PLC programming is a major component in industrial automation environments. Whether monitoring single or multiple inputs, executing simple or complex tasks, or changing a few or many outputs, PLCs offer industrial organizations tremendous programming flexibility, asset reliability, and scalability. To take advantage of these benefits, you must have a robust PLC programming solution.

FasTrak’s PLC Programming Experience

FasTrak has over 30 years of experience providing PLC programming solutions to a wide variety of industries. Our PLC programming software is used around the world to help industrial organizations preserve and protect the legacy PLCs that run their businesses. We provide PLC programming solutions for: