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How do I edit the Profibus Configuration Extension?

Editing the Profibus configuration extension is a multi-step process that first involves exporting an initial *.CFG file from PLC WorkShop for Modicon – 32 Bit.

To support configuring the Profibus, the following software bundle is required:
Profibus DP Config Pack for CRP 811, Part Number 332SPU83301

The Softing Profibus DP Configurator is used to create a *.CNF file. The SPU931 Profibus Local Configuration Tool combines information from the initial *.CFG and *.CNF files and rewrites a new *.CFG file.

Finally, this rewritten *.CFG file is imported back into PLC WorkShop to become part of the configuration extension.

Follow these steps to add or edit the Profibus configuration extension:

  1. In PLC WorkShop, select PLC Configuration from the PLC Utilities menu to display the PLC Configuration dialog.
  2. Add any 140 CRP 811 00 modules needed in the Traffic Cop (click the Traffic Cop button to access the series of Traffic Cop dialogs).
  3. Enter a sufficient amount of WORDs in the Total Config Ext Words edit box to accommodate the Profibus configuration extension.
  4. Click the Config Extensions button to display the Configuration Extensions dialog.
  5. Click the Profibus check box in the Configuration Extensions dialog to display the Profibus Extension dialog.
  6. Select the DrivePlant Directory, and Station Directory to which the initial *.CFG file is exported. (The Profibus DP Configurator documentation recommends a specific directory structure and naming convention.
  7. Click the Export .CFG button to write the initial *.CFG file to the location selected in Step 6.
  8. Start the Softing DP Profibus Configurator and select New Project from the Project menu to display the DP Configurator dialog.
  9. Double-click an item from the Master Selection List on the right which adds it to the Master list on the left.
  10. Double-click one or more items from the Slave Selection List on the right which adds them to the List of Slaves on the left.
  11. Click the X to close this dialog and click Yes in the dialog that follows to save the changes.
  12. Save this *.CNF file to the same location selected in Step 6. (This location follows the directory structure and naming convention recommended in the Profibus DP Configurator documentation.)
  13. Start the SPU931 Profibus Local Configuration Tool and select Expert Mode from the Options menu to turn on Expert Mode. (When this is turned on, Expert Mode appears in the lower right corner.)
  14. Select Open Plant from the File menu to display the Open Plant dialog. Highlight the Plant Directory (selected in Step 6) in the Plants list box and click OK.
  15. Select Bus Project Softing from the Import item of the File menu.
  16. Highlight and double-click the Bus Project name in the list and its name appears in the text area near the top of the dialog.
  17. Click the Import button to import and a confirmation message appears. Click OK in the confirmation message.
  18. Click Close in the Import Softing Bus Project dialog.
  19. Click Edit in the SPU931 menu to display the Edit Option Board dialog.
  20. Select the Station directory selected in Step 6 in the Station combo box.
  21. Click Select to display the Select Option Board dialog.
  22. Click an item from the Bus Project and Symbolic Name lists and click OK.
  23. When the Edit Option Board dialog reappears, highlight the slot to which the 140 CRP 811 00 board is assigned and click Edit.
  24. Enter the desired address values in the edit dialog, click Save then click Exit.
  25. When the Edit Option Board dialog reappears, click Close.
  26. Click Generate in the SPU931 menu to display the Generate Config-Table dialog.
  27. Highlight the desired Station directory from the Select Station list, click Generate, and a confirmation message appears.
  28. Click OK in the confirmation message and click Close to exit the Generate Config-Table dialog.
  29. Click Import .CFG in the Modicon WorkShop Profibus Extension dialog.
  30. A confirmation message appears. Click OK in the confirmation message and Close in the Profibus Extension dialog.
  31. The Configuration Extension dialog now indicates the number of WORDs used in the Profibus configuration.
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