• New online demo mode. An online connection by direct serial connection, TCP/IP, TIWAY, FMS, or H1 allows logic programming and editing, documentation, display of status, printing, and all other online functions except Save to Disk for the first 25 logic networks.


  • Corrected lockup when trying to access the My Documents or My Briefcase folder within Windows 2000 while running 505 WorkShop.
  • Corrected errors resulting when exiting 505 WorkShop while Status is on and active.
  • Corrected TISOFT file import error.
  • Corrected lockup editing Headers when going through Edit Documentation dialog box.
  • Corrected ability to select the print mode in the Print Cross-Reference dialog box when in Network Mode.
  • Corrected problem displaying discrete values for V and K registers in the Data Window.
  • Added LCFH and LCFL for the PACKLOOP function.