• The new Network Header Editor dialog lists all network headers, and offers direct access to any network
  • The new Retrieve File Version feature determines with what WorkShop version .FSS files were saved


  • Drum instructions allow time base 0.0 in the SEC/CNT parameter
  • Forced addresses are displayed correctly in the Ladder Editor
  • Profibus Cycle Times are calculated correctly when using high baud rates
  • Bus parameters are displayed correctly when editing Profibus online after large merge operations
  • Special Function Subroutines can be compared while online
  • Port Lockout correctly identifies the Ethernet port
  • The Replace Table dialog closes properly when the ‘X’ is clicked
  • Configured and printed Profibus Slot numbers now match
  • Slot numbers in Profibus slaves are numbered correctly
  • GSD files containing signed variables can be loaded into the Hardware Directory
  • PLC can be transitioned directly between Program Freeze and Programs
  • Offline demo mode displays and prints up to 25 networks