• The speed of TCP/IP communications is improved, resulting in faster downloads to and uploads from PLCs.
  • User Interface for the demo is improved; it is now easier to start.
    Improved the installation procedure for 64-bit operating systems.


  • Improved operation of keyboard shortcut keys.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Improved operation of “Use File Associated Connection Settings” option when opening files.
  • Improved the recording of events in the security audit file.
  • Improved search functionality; when using specific firmware versions, erroneous error messages are no longer displayed after searching for On/Off Delay Timers.
  • Improved the functionality of network header documentation in networks containing On/Off Delay Coil instructions.
  • Improved how network descriptions containing a “blank” line are displayed in the Cross Reference window.
  • Improved the operation of the Unique Address command when used with On/Off Delay Timers.
  • Improved the operation of the Display Used mode in the Special Functions window when online.
  • Improved the Profibus Configurator.