PLC WorkShop SuperSuite

PLC WorkShop SuperSuite products provide advanced version control and file management capabilities to PLC programming environments within larger companies. Through the full version of FTVersionTrak ,PLC WorkShop SuperSuite adds multi-user capabilities including advanced data security, file sharing, and the ability to add multiple repositories. With PLC WorkShop SuperSuite, you are able to:

  • Share PLC program files among multiple users
  • Schedule automated backups of programs from within PLCs
  • Store PLC program files under version control in multiple repositories
  • Access PLC program files under version control from a centralized server
  • Set use rights and security for version control
  • Secure access to sensitive files through user logins
  • Track changes to any type of file or multiple-file project

PLC WorkShop SuperSuite is available as an upgrade for PLC WorkShop Suite for Siemens 505 and PLC WorkShop Suite for Modicon.



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