• This latest release of ControlShop now has 2 new Clients. FTAlarm, and FTBatch. You can run these clients in demo mode.

General Features and Overview for FTAlarm

  • FTAlarm monitors alarm conditions specified by the user across multiple devices. Alarms are entered in a spreadsheet format with up to 3150 Alarms per Alarm sheet. Triggered alarms can be logged, printed, audible wave and/or flashed to the screen. Configuring FTAlarm Communications.

General Features and Overview for FTBatch

  • FTBatch is a stand-alone component of ControlShop. It allows multiple numeric values (called batches or recipes) to be written to one or more devices (PLCs) at a time. These values are displayed in the row and column spread sheet-like cells. Each Batch Sheet can have up to 255 rows and 255 columns. Each row of a Batch Sheet represents one batch. Each column represents one address in one device. All the values in a batch (row) are downloaded at one time. Although each can write to multiple addresses in multiple devices, each column refers to only one address in one device. These values can be entered manually or read from the numeric fields of external user-defined Access database files. The external Access files are named externalfile.MDB.
  • A Batch Sheet can communicate with multiple servers. Each server may include multiple devices. Multiple devices can be written to as long as the device belongs to a server to which the Batch Sheet window is communicating. One or more devices must be added to a server before any addresses can be added to a Batch Sheet window.

Bug Fixes in FTLogger, v1.41

  • Corrected problem where attempting to add a device or verify an address belonging to a Server that was unable to be loaded can give an exception.