New Features

  • Data Logger
  • Trender
  • 505 Server: H1 (now in Windows NT)
  • 505 Server: FMS (now in Windows NT)

Product Enhancement

  • Shared documentation database between ControlShop and PLC WorkShop/505 SoftShop. Labels/tags need only be entered once and then shared between applications.


  • 505 Server: Corrected bug where bit values for addresses types other than X, Y, or C can report incorrect data.
  • 505 Server: Corrected bug causing clients to potentially miss data.
  • 505 Server: Corrected bug in Fill Format for bit-of-word addresses.
  • 505 Server: Corrected update of timestamp when the server receives errors from the PLC.
  • 505 Server: Corrected buffer overflow error caused by displaying certain addresses via NITP.
  • 505 Server: Corrected check for buffer overflow. Had been causing an undefined server error.
  • 505 Server: Added a low level communications workaround correcting CTI board problem which causes the system to crash. this problem only exists in firmware version 6.7.
  • 505 Server: Corrected several problems that occurred when connected to a PLC via TIWAY.
  • 505 Server: Corrected bug causing a timeout error when connecting to a PLC through RBC.
  • 505 Server: Corrected bug causing timeout errors when reading addresses V1-V16 in the Data Windows while communicating over TIWAY.
  • 505 Server: Corrected sporadic timeouts occurring across a serial port in Windows 95 and Windows 98.