FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce the release FTMaintenance Select v3.23.0.0, which incorporates the following:


  • General
    • Added support for column resizing and horizontal scrolling on the “View All” pages for Assets, Work Orders, Labor Resources, Inventory Items, and Purchase Orders.
  • Work Order Management
    • Added support for Work Order Approval workflows.
  • Inventory Management
    • Improved support for Inventory Transactions of Inventory Items stored in multiple locations.


  • Asset Management
    • Resolved an issue encountered when attempting to access Equipment record details from the All Equipment page.
    • Minor defect fixes and improvements to Asset functionality.
  • Purchasing
    • Minor defect fixes and improvements to Purchasing functionality.
  • Work Order Management
    • Minor defect fixes and improvements to Work Order functionality.