• The FTSolution for APT version that compiled the Project can be displayed.
  • The Compile and Download reports list the FTSolution for APT version that created them.
  • The Object and Hardware Debugger files, and the Compile and Download reports are saved upon successful compilation and upon successful download.
  • The Project Path, which is the actual disc location of the opened file, appears at the top of each editor window.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste operations can be performed in the Solution Explorer.
  • Mixed case Names, Descriptions, Labels and Symbol attributes are supported.


  • Cross Reference
    • Cross Reference includes Unit symbols regardless of their compilation status.
  • Debug
    • The Mark PCS Tags dialog box is available everywhere tags can be marked.
  • SFC Editor
    • Confirmation is required when deleting SFC elements.
  • Solutions Management
    • Units can be renamed and saved in their original Solution.
  • Subroutine Editor
    • Characters of a Subroutine name can be deleted without deleting the subroutine.
  • Watch
    • Confirmation is required when deleting a Watch window setting.