• Direct addresses are displayed in the Address column of the Declaration editor after successful compiling and when
    online in Debug mode.
  • FTSolution Project files can be opened in Windows File Explorer.
  • Read-only access to math code-behind editors is allowed when online in Debug mode.
  • Find Address can be launched from a selected symbol.
  • Find Address provides Predictive text to help complete Variable Names entry.
  • Find Address launches from context menus.
  • Find Address can be launched with an accelerator key / hot key.
  • Declarations editors include user-assigned and compiler-assigned address information.
  • Modules can be deleted more conveniently.
  • The Declarations Report shows compiler-assigned addresses.


  • The license expiration date in hardware keys is correctly read and displayed.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Find Address launching from SFC and CFC math code-behind editors.
  • Corrected an issue that caused compiler errors if spaces separate minus signs and numbers.
  • The “Variable Name” prompt in the Find Address dialog uses consistent case.