• Compare FTSolution Files
    • Subroutine, CFC, and SFC comparisons are improved.
    • Complete repository file paths and version numbers are displayed when comparing repository files.
    • Differences in Subroutine parameter headers are highlighted to improve their visibility.
    • The result messages are clarified when comparing empty Subroutines.
    • Using the filter settings to compare Identical, Different, First In, and Second In files no longer clears data from the displayed results.
    • Differences in Subroutine code behind logic are correctly compared and displayed.
  • Integration with FTSolution
    • Units are deleted from the repository when they are deleted from within FTSolution.
    • Multiple versions of Install.tag files are now correctly compared.
      Every file within an FTSolution object is correctly checked in as individual files.
    • Object files that are created after full compilations are not edited after subsequent incremental compiles.
    • Object files that are created after incremental compilations are correctly checked in as files within their project.
    • The multiple files within Subroutines are now correctly compared.
      Correct check-in dates are recorded when multiple Subroutine files are checked in.
    • Binding solutions to repositories is streamlined, requiring less user interaction.
    • Folders containing new files can be checked in separately without requiring the entire project to be checked in.
  • Version Control Operations
    • ┬áNew local folders into which working copies of checked-out files are placed can be created during check out.