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How do I convert ModSoft files?

Within ModSoft

  1. Open the existing program file in ModSoft.
  2. From the Segment display screen, go to the first segment.
  3. Using the Utility menu, choose Symbol Table.
  4. Choose the File I/O menu followed by Export.
  5. Provide a name for the file to be created.
  6. Escape to the Segment display screen.
  7. go to the Command menu (F3) and export the program’s comments.
  8. Provide a name for the file to be created.
  9. Exit ModSoft.

Within WorkShop

  1. Open PLC WorkShop for Modicon and attach to the PLC (logic from ModSoft file should be downloaded into the PLC).
  2. Save to a new file name.
  3. Close the online connection to the PLC.
  4. Open the new file offline.
  5. Under the File menu, choose Import.
  6. ImportModSoft text for symbols.
  7. Repeat the import for ModSoft comments.
  8. Re-Save the PLC WorkShop for Modicon file.
  9. Documentation will appear the next time the file is attached to the PLC.
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