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How do I perform a Merge in PLC WorkShop for Modicon?

The Merge function can be used to copy only one part of a program, but its main purpose is to support configuration changes that would clear the program or upgrades to a newer PLC. The following is an outline on how a user would merge a complete program to a new program.

  1. If the source program has any loadables, they should be saved to individual .DAT or .EXE files using the Loadable dialog in the PLC configuration dialog. This must be done because merge will not copy loadable data to the target program.
  2. New program should be created for the PLC type wanted.
  3. PLC configuration should be set up to the desired values. Caution: Once the merge begins, this cannot be changed.
  4. Any desired loadables that were saved in Step 1 should be merged into WorkShop using the Loadable dialog.
  5. Load into offline the program you want to use as the source program (if it is not already loaded).
  6. While in the source program, select the File \ Merge menu item. The Modicon Program Merge Pick Target dialog is displayed. Select the target program from the drop-down list box. This program must be offline and have no edits. Click the Merge button to continue.
  7. The Merge Program Choice appears. As this dialog is displayed, both programs are examined and defaults are placed in the check boxes and ranges. Each section defaults are explained in the Choice dialog section.
  8. The Error file text name must be entered before the actual merge ccan proceed. Optional: Once this is done, click the Start button to begin the merge process.
  9. Once the merge is complete, a dialog is displayed with the number of errors and warnings found during the merge.
  10. The Error text file directs the user to any area of the program that had trouble being merged. Each section is explained below what gets placed in the file.
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