• Corrected problem where the Cut by parts did not normalize the rung number to the segment in continuous mode, which caused the Cut to happen in the wrong network number.
  • Corrected problem where the Save By Parts function did not check to see if shared documentation was used when not choosing to save doc, which caused “Unable to copy store in file” error.
  • Corrected problem being unable to insert a row in a network, with 6 rows of logic and an empty 7th row.
  • Corrected problem where incorrect “number of words left” was displayed due to incorrect calculation in size of EXE loadable.
  • Corrected problem when online in the Network edit mode where adding a coil to an existing network and typing an address and doing validate before cursoring off the item, would default to a 0x1 address.
  • Corrected problem where replacing a network online with a new coil that is already used, causes the “Coils Used” error but the network is deleted.
  • Corrected a problem where changing the configuration or leaving dim awareness in a 984-A141 resulted in invalid configuration.
  • Corrected problem where “Untrace Coil” does not locate on the original contact from which the original “trace” began.