• Added I/O Scanner to Configuration Extension.
  • Added the following IOBUS TCOP modules: IBS_1203_IOBUS, IBS_1433_IOBUS, IBS_1503_IOBUS, IBS_1633_IOBUS, 170 ANM 050 10, 170 ANR 120 90.
  • Added the following Momentum TCOP Modules: 170 ANM 050 10, 170 ANR 120 90, 170 ADM 540 80.
  • Added Quantum TCOP modules and Zoom screens for the following: EIA 921-00, 140 ACO 130 00, 140 ACI 040 00, 140 AUI 040 00.
  • Added detail in order to improve metering of data values being loaded to or saved from the PLC.
  • Added a progress bar indicating “# bytes transferred” when loading loadables.
  • Added ability to allow text documentation import to allow files with the *.csv extension in addition to the *.txt extension.


  • Corrected problem where placing two EXE loadables into the offline loadable dialog and deleting the first one would cause a “Configuration Store record not found” Error.
  • Corrected problem where saving files from 32-bit PLC WorkShop as *.PGR files could not be reopened into 32-bit PLCWorkShop. “Cannot Import Label File” error would appear.
  • Corrected GPF when loading extremely large EXE loadable.
  • Corrected problem where trying to save a program from Online, it started, but then failed with error “Attempt to Exceed Internal Boundaries”.
  • Corrected problem where printing documentation to a file followed by execution of a print preview caused the margins of a print page to be incorrect.
  • Corrected problem where Merge would not properly set 1x, 3x and 4x addresses into a Destination program whose configured address values did not exactly match the Source program configured values.
  • Corrected terminology for documentation in the Import/Export dialog boxes.
  • Corrected problem where several Quantum Zoom screens assumed only one rack was available. Therefore racks 2 and higher were inaccessible.
  • Corrected problem where the position of the OK, Cancel and Help buttons should be swapped.