• Added support for four new M1E momentums, which include: 171 CCS 960 20, 171 CCS 960 30, 171 CCS 980 20, and 171 CCS 980 30.
  • Added support for BOOTP server for M1E and Quantum PLCs that support TCP/IP.
  • Added feature to the Addresses Used dialog for the address appearing in the ‘Start Address’ edit box to default to the address on which the ladder cursor is positioned.
  • Added the ‘Edit Segment Header’ icon to now appear at the top of each network, which allows the user to edit the Segment Header from any network in the Segment.
  • Added feature to locate the cursor at the mouse pointer when the right mouse button is clicked.


  • Corrected problem where connecting online to a 984A-S908 PLC resulted in a GPF.
  • Corrected problem where The Program Setup dialog allowed a maximum of 12 rows for Tags and 4 rows for Descriptions. These maximum values were be swapped.
  • Corrected problem where the Browse dialog of Modsoft import was filtering for files ending in ‘MSE’. The .MSE extension was used as a default, which caused no files in the Browse dialog. The dialog of the Modsoft import now uses the *.* filter which displays files of all extensions.
  • Corrected problem where typing in a file path and name in the Export dialog displayed a “File name must be entered’ error.
  • Corrected problem where the Start Address edit box in the Addresses Used dialog always assumed 6-digit addressing regardless of the size selected in Program Setup.
  • Corrected problem where program Merge was not bringing over Segment Headers.
  • Corrected problem when displaying the ‘Copy’ dialog from the Doc Window, the static text within the dialog says ‘Merge Program Merge Program’ instead of ‘Copy Range’.