Month: May 2006

PLC WorkShop for Modicon v5.52 Release Notes


  • When transferring to PLC, the Audit record is updated appropriately.
  • Eliminated potential corruption of *.EXE loadables that span pages on a save from PLC.
  • *.EXE loadables that are greater than 64K merge correctly.
  • Network count displays correctly during save from PLC.
  • “Use Input x for Clock Enable” check box in EHC 105 00 module functions correctly during zoom.
  • Building cross-reference with many drops no longer causes program to lock up.
  • Correct import of Profibus from *.CFG file within the Profibus Configuration Extension.
  • Added the ability to edit and view more than 32 modules in a single drop in the Traffic Cop.
  • When configuring segments for a Quantum PLC, the Segment Scheduler will now be scheduled with drops for each segment.
  • Updated online Trace, Untrace, and Find to correctly enter a node in the Node Edit mode before changing the display.
  • Corrected the ability to write flash memory on Momentum PLCs.
  • Corrected display of AD16 function block to have proper placement of inputs and outputs.