Month: June 2015

FTSolution for APT v1.0.2 Release Notes


  • Enhanced demo mode providing the ability to:
    • Import and view APT programs.
    • Create new programs.
    • Edit existing programs.
    • Save demo programs (accessible as demo only).
    • Explore the FTSolution development system.


  • Improved the performance of the Forces Window.
  • Added support for the delete key within the Table Editors.
  • Improved support for merging 2BF files.
  • Changed default for the Status Attribute upload box to unchecked.
  • Improved compiler enforcement to only allow a legal number of loops and/or alarms.
  • Improved the error checking within Continuous Function Blocks.
  • Improved the performance of the Mark PCS Tags button.
  • Updated demo mode to restrict print functionality.
  • Improved licensing message when a valid key is not detected.
  • Updated the file import user interface.
  • Updated demo mode restrictions for projects created in licensed mode.
  • Updated demo mode file import default destination path.
  • Updated the Mark a Tag for PCS user interface to clearly differentiate object descriptions from tag descriptions.
  • Updated the Mark a Tag for PCS user interface to display properly in Windows 8.1.
  • Updated the Mark a Tag for PCS user interface to organize information a format more similar to APT.
  • Eliminated incorrect compilation errors when translate is set to Yes.
  • Improved the I/O Module Editor to properly indicate edits to the Bus Parameters.
  • Improved descriptiveness of GSD file parse errors.
  • Eliminated an issue where a promoted SFC could unintentionally lose its promotion.
  • Improved compilation error messaging regarding missing promoted SFCs.
  • Optimized user interface within the SFC Editor to maximize application performance.